Toowoomba Scaffolding Services

At Toowoomba Scaffolding Hire we offer a range of scaffolding products to insure  safety, accessibility and productivity is maintained for commercial and residential projects

kwickstageKwikstage Scaffolding

Kwikstage Scaffolding is a modular designed system and is the most commonly known and used system of scaffolding in Toowoomba.

Our Kwikstage Systems allow for prompt and efficient installation and dismantle. We know that efficiency is they key to a profitable project and Kwikstage allows us to be out of your hair as quick as possible leaving you to do what you do best in a now save environment.

Due to the nature and design of Kwikstage Scaffolding, the system application are almost limitless and can be installed and erected to suit almost any job site.  

Some the the kwikstage Advantages are:

  • Simple erection procedures
    Ensure stringent safety can be easily achieved
    Simple Dismantle procedure
  • A comprehensive range of accessories
    handrails, boards brackets, staircase towers and loading bays

edgeprotectionEdge Protection

Toowoomba Scaffolding Hire Ensure safety and quality equipment not only on traditional scaffolding but also Edge protection.

Edge protection is the safest way to work at height. Toowoomba Scaffolding Hire edge protection systems can be tailored to any stull of building and erected in most cases in one day to allow for strict project timelines.

All of our edge protection systems comply with strict industry standards and are all compatible with static lines and harnesses.

Types of Edge Protection Include:

  • Roof guardrail systems
  • Temporary edge protection
  • Roof safety access systems
  • Guardrail Systems for Existing Roofs

towerscaffoldLadder Access Tower Scaffolds

ladder Access Tower Scaffolds are constructed into a single bay tower made from aluminium.

These towers can be mounted on wheels for ease of movement from one area of a work site to another. Ladder Access Towers are easy to use and to move around because of their simple design and built in ladders ascending and descending from these Scaffolds with equipment is both efficient and easy unlike some other scaffolds that can be difficult confined and timely to navigate and move around. 

These scaffolds depending on the height do not require anchoring to a supporting structure. For maintenance on an existing building to ensure no damage to the structure, access tower scaffolds are perfect for the job. This type of scaffold is also commonly used by painters, renderers and industry service and maintenance professionals. 

mobilescaffoldMobile Scaffolds

Mobile scaffolds are aluminium tube frame structures mounted to a set of sturdy wheels for ease of use and motion.

These scaffolds are most commonly used for lower height ranges and require little to no anchorage. These scaffolds are perfect of commercial and industrial trades working inside buildings on electrical, airconditioning and other installations requiring range of motion and variations in roof height.

These Mobile scaffolds are also popular for weekend hire for painting, plastering & rendering. 

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